How it all began

On a Sunday drive in 2006, we stumbled across the Catch The Wind Kite Festival in Morecambe. The sky was filled with kites of all shapes and sizes including an assortment of sea creatures, but it was a large black and white cartoon-style dog with floppy ears that really caught our eye, even though it was proving difficult to fly in the light wind.

We'd never flown a kite before, but taking a trip to the festival kite stall, we spotted a miniature 4ft version of the big dog, and knew that was the kite for us. We bought all the bits and pieces and got some professional instruction on how it all went together, before heading home to start our new adventure.

Within a few weeks, we had purchased an 8ft dog online and were perfectly content for a couple of years, until a chance meeting with the “big dog owner” changed our lives. We found out that he was the designer and maker of the dogs, so we begged him to make a 16ft version for us.

Dog number 3 was soon followed by octopus number 1, and with our collection of kites expanding rapidly, SmileFactor10 was born.