International jet set

Well, what can we say? If someone had told us all those years ago that buying a 4ft dog kite would eventually lead to us attending some of the world's greatest international kite festivals, we'd have probably just laughed at them.

Now here we are in 2019 having been twice to the Alfarsi International Kite Festival in Kuwait, Satun Kite Festival in Thailand, Pasir Gudang Kite Festival in Malaysia and Berck Kite Festival in northern France, plus one visit to the Xiamen Kite Festival in China, as well as attending hundreds of events and festivals in the UK and Ireland.

We have enjoyed some incredible experiences and are grateful for the opportunity to meet kite flyers from home and around the world. We've made so many wonderful new friends over the years and are loving our kite adventures!

So what was the key to unlocking the world stage? Building a record-breaking 64ft purple teddy bear called Oscar!